CANDU Reactors

MCR Bruce Refurbishment:

FEA studies in SolidWorks. Stamped analysis reports of stresses and deflections for lifting, operation, and upset conditions for most of inspection and installation tools.

Reviewed design reports and provided engineering advice during design, fabrication and testing, on achieving functional and technical parameters.

Point Lepreau NPGS New Brunswick Refurbishment

Tooling design for refurbishment of the Point Lepreau NPGS New Brunswick. Engineered the Temporary Lattice Sleeves and Plugs and related remote handling tools.

Reactor Inspection Tools

Calandria Vault Inspection Remote Manipulator (CVIRM)

Engineered the interface between the RM and NS, mechanical design, shareholders input, engineering analysis, mock-up for personnel training. COMS, OPEX, design requirements, radiation protection, Passport ETCR.

Mechanical design of Rovver and ANDE radiation cameras for reactor inspections,.

SQUIRT 2 - Horizontal Tooling Drive System for testing fuel channel inspection tools at a mock-up station.

Calibration Facility and Tooling Station (CFTS), related to UDM (Universal Delivery Machine) for fuel channels - designed tooling and auxiliary carts.

R& D for Mobile Tritium Filter Unit.

Isotope Production

MMIR Maple isotope reactor at Chalk River - reactor reactive improvements, New Processing Facility (NPF), liquid waste cementation, calcine waste storage and shielding, calcine pump calibration rig.

Uranium bulk material handling

Cameco uranium bulk material handling: Ash Can Automation, Sintering Furnaces Relocation. SEU (Slightly Enriched Uranium) blending equipment, new plant Balling and Wrapping facility for dimed radioactively contaminated waste.

Piping, ventilation ducts, hoppers, screw conveyors, air cyclones, powder mixers, pumps, tanks, assisted lifting devices for pails.

UF6 Cylinder Storage and Handling: preliminary engineering for automated cranes and specialized lifting equipment and analyzed the revamping of facilities and associated logistics.


Westinghouse AP1000 Reactors

Fabrication management for major nuclear components to US nuclear regulations and ASME standards. Very challenging module Q601, first time fabrication.

Reviewed Westinghouse engineering documentation, sequenced fabrication, managed creation of fabrication documentation, many tests for very difficult to weld high strength steels, supply specifications of steels and welding consumable to ASME requirements, designed and organized floor fabrication, fabrication fixtures, procedures, and detailed work instructions with ASME quality control and safety signatures for every task. Wrote fabrication summaries for professional presentations and conferences.

Designed foreign matter enclave for maintenance of PWR nuclear vessels.


Mining Mineral Processing

Thickener for Cu/Mo concentrate – full cycle project management. Adaptive management in developing a new worldwide Thickener Launder Spray Wash System.

Flotation cells – adaptive engineering of thoroughly design changes to comply with Alberta codes, and for easy of manufacturing.

Peristaltic hose pumps for Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Long Harbour Nickel Processing Plant - project management and engineering.


Automotive and other industries

Designed automated assembly lines of automotive parts: sunroof, window regulator, hinges, latches and pumps, for clients like Stackpole and Multimatic.

Medical traction bed.

Hot steel mill cooling bed for steel flats.

Plant layout optimization and rack stress calculations for Manac truck. 

Devised new concept in a strapping machine for wood industry.

Designed automated packing machinery for consumer’s goods, type bottles and containers.

Duplex pump system with ARGAL Centrifugal Pumps, is a mining reagent system. All piping 316 SS with block & bleed configuration, and E&H Magnetic Flow meter.

Wangen Progressive Cavity Pumps, includes E&H magnetic flow meter, and a post dilution piping arrangement.



ERAST project - shipborne helicopter restraining, securing and traversing. Managed engineering and design, technical specifications, layouts, design reviews, customer communications.